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I’m laughing way too hard

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I would watch about a hundred seasons of a romcom where two lady serial killers wind up sharing an apartment and trying to hide their crimes from each other


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Doprah - Stranger People

Yes, yes, yes. This song is by far my favorite thing to come out of New Zealand, well… at least since Peter Jackson. A glittering addition to the cloud rap brand, a genre that’s been piquing my interests lately thanks to Antwon and Kitty Pryde’s recent collaboration with Chrome Sparks, Doprah’s Indira Force and the dreamy languor she induces will leave you hypnotized. I, uh, am not a huge fan of the video for this song, but it more than holds its own when presented by itself. Check out their debut EP on bandcamp; hopefully it’ll keep you sated until their full-length album drops.


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mdmmal said: Good day! I was browsing the friend safari swap blog and I came upon yours. I am in need of palipatoad for my dex, so I was wondering if you'd like to swap codes. I have nothing fancy as I have flying but there is no harm in asking. My code is 0232 - 8317 - 8630, and as assumed, my name is Mal! Please let me know if you are interested; thank you for your time.

yes that’s fine! i will switch friend codes with you, mine is 2208-5495-8228, i will not be able to add you until tomorrow as i left my ds at work XD 

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